Credo recently had the pleasure of attending the Automotive Packaging Summit, hosted by Package Insight. This conference was a great experience for us and one that we want to highlight and say thank you for.

Conferences are a good way to step out of your immediate industry in order to meet new people and gain a fresh perspective on upcoming innovations in neighboring industries. The AutoPack Summit targets the packaging industry, while Credo is in the software programming industry. Sometimes participating in conferences that are industry-adjacent can give you a broader viewpoint. For example, the AutoPack Summit provided new insight for us at Credo by presenting topics, such as package tracking, RFID tag uses, and other real-life applications we do not necessarily run into every day. At Credo, we always look to innovate with our clients in new subject areas, such as RFID readers. Seeing how other industries and companies use new technology allowed us a new perspective. Also, by attending a new conference, we were able to meet many people we may not have otherwise met.

A few months before the Automotive Packaging Summit, we were given the opportunity of meeting with the Package Insight team for a tour of their Greenville facility and eye-tracking technology. We had never seen the eye-tracking technology up-close and personal at Credo, but were very enthused to observe and learn more. Following the tour, we were given more information about the AutoPack Summit and were certain we wanted to attend.

The conference began with a cocktail hour the night before the presentations. We attended the cocktail hour, where we benefited from meeting some of the attendees, and it was nice to see familiar faces when  we met up with them again the day-of. The Summit itself was an amazing opportunity to hear presentations and discussions on topics such as the start-up and first year of operation of Volvo’s Charleston plant, returnable packaging design, alternative packaging, and the impact of digitization on supply chain. To our delight, we heard and learned a lot about the technology the automotive packaging industry is using and how they are looking to innovate in the future.

The Summit also gave attendees mini-breaks and a wonderful lunch and cocktail hours, with time to mingle. We particularly enjoyed the lunch, where attendees were given assigned seating and ice-breaker candy. The assigned seating was designed to break up groups who attended together so that all of the attendees were placed with new faces, allowing everyone to branch out even more. The hosts also gave each table a bowl of candies with ice-breaker questions attached – a great way to get the whole table engaged and talking! Those at our table went around, each taking one piece of candy, introducing ourselves, and asking the candy question. This gave us the chance to meet and get to know each other.

Overall, the AutoPack Summit was a worthwhile investment for Credo. Not only did we hear engaging topics from the automotive packaging industry and more on the technology they are using and researching, but we also met key members of the industry and made several lasting contacts. Thank you members of the Package Insight team for putting on the AutoPack Summit!