Industry 4.0 And Other Manufacturing Core Competencies
Data Drives Industry. Our Proven Solutions Create Roads To Information For South Carolina’s Automotive Manufacturing Community And Other Industries.

Manufacturing Concerns Met With Proven Manufacturing Solutions

Training Records? Are they being properly maintained for necessary manufacturing certifications and safety regulations? Or are various documents in physical locations around the plant making them difficult to find, sort, and track as needed?

Organized Training Matrix provides triangulated solutions: Organizes work instructions per production area and related operators; Creates paperless training sessions, and if available, our system uses badges to record attendance; Combines Production areas and training together to form a matrix of how equipped and ready operators are for a particular production area.

How can management best differentiate between operator and procedural issues?  How well are operators able to follow procedures and communicate issues as they arise?

Manufacturing Validations and Internal Audits Applications relay an array of answers:  

  • Component Validation displays each component to verify the right part and quantity for a particular order. 
  • Visualizations shows a part or an order to get a visual representation of the part or order.  
  • Quality Questionnaires display questions specific to a part and requests needed responses from operators and then records which operators completed all requests and provided comments.  This is also useful in a post manufacturing audit.  
  • Manufacturing Process Control tracks sample data, maintenance requests, automates and tracks processes, texts from the floor, and provides a simple request form for help.

Are production goals being met? Are orders manually slotted in buckets on the production floor with no simple method to communicate back in forth between operators, schedulers, and management?

Digital Devices can be tailored to best meet the needs of the manufacturing client.

  • The Summary Display Boards set auto routines to gather real time order data; shows orders by area and     status; color-coded to provide helpful status distinction; allows important immediate On Floor feedback; allows custom client specific status beyond company tracked ERP. 
  • The Detail Display Boards provide management with real time work order progress.  
  • The Performance Display Boards and Cockpit Charts, shows real time progress, helping management examine and reach target goals and encourages positive operator outcomes on the floor.
  • Paperless Work Order System,  allows for the electronic viewing of BOMs, drawings, test specs, and paint specs, etc. This paperless tablet system saves substantial time and cost. One client, global tier 1 supplier calculated over $200,000 a year in savings.

Quality Issues? Customer Questions? How can managers review who was working when a specific part was produced and determine if the operator was up to date on training for the production line?

External Audit Support equips management with an easy search of historical training per production line and the operator.