Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashLife is a collaborative effort. Schools recognize this and begin early on placing students into teams to complete group projects, thus giving students an opportunity to interact with one another and learn to work together to accomplish a common goal. Likewise, many parents place their children in sports or other cooperative efforts in order to teach them similar principles.

More and more, the workplace is trending towards a collaborative environment that encourages group projects. Often, multiple departments are called upon to work together to problem-solve and find innovative solutions. Contracted professionals, like Credo, who provide specialized services collaborate with a multitude of disciplines to provide customized integration of information.

What Makes Collaboration Work at Work?

First, collaboration starts at the top and makes its way through the workplace. If top managers and top level members of a company are willing to put the time in with the other members of the company, then collaboration is encouraged and exemplified.

Second, collaboration is rooted in a team that works well together. Finding members whose personalities work well together and compliment each other builds a strong foundation. Know who your leaders are and who your supporters are. Finding a good leader is important, but finding those who thrive off of working with others and who enjoy participating in group events who will support their leader and each other is key. While this ideal situation may not always be attainable, deliberately placing people together who do not support each other may be a very poor mistake.

Third, collaboration thrives when goals are appropriately presented to a team. When goals are clearly communicated with a team, the members are better able to collaborate how best to achieve those goals as a team.

No Man is an Island.

Whether or not you agree with the collaboration workplace trend or not, people need people to get their work done. Not everyone likes being the manager, CFO, marketer, etc. that every company requires. Everyone has different skill sets that make a company work and function. The corporate body cannot just have a head, it must also have hands, feet, and the rest of the supporting body. That, in and of itself, is collaboration at a foundational level. Without it, the workplace cannot function. Collaboration at the team level makes a company thrive. When the right team members are put together, then the strengths of each member benefit the project.


Do you like collaborating at work?