Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashIn this age of smartphones, image communication apps, messaging apps, and every other digital platform out there, why is it that you still can’t get a response from anyone? In the age of automated responses, why is it that you can’t even get a word back? Weren’t these apps supposed to help us communicate better?

Professionals who have scheduled appointments now have access to automated services that will text, email, and call their patients or clients. These services will call, email, or text to schedule appointments, remind people of those appointments, and can even make updates as appointments change. Services include automatic health updates through secure login systems, which are pushed through emails and texts. So why can’t we get these updates?

In professional life, why is it that you cannot hear back from anyone about a position you applied to? Not a phone call. Not a letter. Not even an automated email to say “Thank you for applying, but we regret to inform you…” Nothing. Did the HR department even receive your resume? In the age of automation, there are filter services that will “toss out” resumes that do not make the cut for a job. Why can’t that same automation system send out a response? Applicants are left applying to hundreds of jobs to hear nothing back. Sometimes not even after an interview. Nothing.

In day-to-day, personal life, there are so many apps that “help” us communicate – Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. – yet even responses there are far and few between. Reports of “ghosting” are more prominent than not. It’s not as if these apps require payment to communicate – most people have a wide variety of these apps already installed. So what’s holding us back?

The Real Issue at Hand

I, personally, don’t believe that it’s the technology – I believe this comes down to an “operator error.” Before these technologies, the complaint was the time lag in communication. That time lag has now been addressed, but the communication gap is still there. Is it that the apps aren’t sending notifications? Or did we turn them off? Did the technology fail? Or did we fail to set the technology up?