Photo by Stefano Pollio on UnsplashEveryone has a certain comfort level of risk…or lack thereof. Some are going to be more confident with a decision to jump into a new project with both feet. Some are going to first test the waters with their toe before wading in. Sales should be about helping determine the risk of a project and the comfort of the client. How do you find the balance between the two?


First, risk needs to be decreased or eliminated. The risks need to be addressed. Risks in business are no longer the monsters under the bed or in the closet that we hid under the covers from as kids. They can often feel like that to your clients, however – the unknown danger in the shadows. Sales shouldn’t be about hiding risks, because they shouldn’t be that scary. Risks should be brought out into the light and addressed. Your clients will feel much safer when you address any and all potential risks and then work through to find solutions to these risks. Reducing risk will help your client feel safer.

Second, value needs to be increased. In order to offset some risks that cannot be completely eliminated, value must be given upfront. What makes the project worth the risk? The value. Why should a client invest in a project? The value. How are your services going to help the client? Make sure that both are clarified and highlighted – the risk and the value.


Both are going to be different for different clients. The risks that concern one client may be neutral to another. The values that attract one client might be neutral to another. You must, therefore, understand each client and their specific needs. Bring those monsters into the light and help your clients see the value of taking them on.