Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

“Concierge Software Service”

You can think of it like getting to customize your ice cream or car or playlist. Would you rather add sprinkles? Or leather seating? Or that song that gets you moving in the morning? Or would you rather get the same thing as everyone else? That’s the way we think software development should be approached. We live in the age of customization and personalization. So why continue with the old-hat method of providing one, broad software service that “should” fit all customer needs?

At Credo, we pride ourselves on being a concierge software service, but what does that mean? Our unique approach to attentive, on-demand service allows us to address customer-specific needs and develop relationships with our clients that help us develop expandable solutions for companies as they grow. All of our customers have custom needs, so why treat them the same? Why give them all the same program for their various requirements? By creating a relationship with our clients, we are able to address these requirements and develop specific solutions. As our customers grow and their needs expand and change, we are able to continue the relationship by developing these program solutions with them.

Which would you rather?