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Industry 4.0

Make informed decisions with historical & real time data.

Collect Data from every possible source. Give real oversight for better decisions. Learn more.

Change / Workflow management

Create custom workflows to track ECR changes, Document approvals, Buy/Make Decisions, Process changes, Concessions and more! Like Sharepoint..but cheaper and better. Learn more.

Forms Automation

Still using 'forms' to authorize processes? Automate with on-line submission, flexible approval matrix and text notification. Learn more.

High Praise

“Credo has been an invaluable partner to our Bosch HR organization for many years. They are truly committed to supporting us in our endeavors to streamline our processes and become more efficient and effective. Our goals for a quality end product are mirrored in Credo’s working philosophy. Countless hours have been saved for our associates, thus yielding tremendous cost savings, because of their excellent development and support and we look forwarding to continuing our partnership for many more years.”

HRL Associate, Bosch LLC

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Our Great Clients

Credo Software

An absolutely important ingredient.

At Credo Software we are into Rapid Application Development (RAD). Our programming style is centered around presenting data quickly with proper permissions in an easy to navigate format. Our staff is personable and responsive and live by the motto "It's the programmers fault." And we mean it!


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