Case Study: Global Tier 1 Supplier with expense of printing and time circulating changing work order packets.

Solution:  Paperless Work Order System

Pain Points Address:

    • As with many manufacturing facilities of the 20th century, productions order packets are printed and tediously travel with the physical order through every operation to various buckets or packets.
    • Management and manufacturing staff aren’t able to simultaneously view current order packets and update as seamlessly as needed.
    • Pounds of paper daily wasted on printing and excessive hours spent by managers and operators on each order.

      Collaborative Solution:

        • Paperless Work Order System replaces physical packets with scannable labels and a digital folder to be viewed on a tablet or other electronic devices.
        • Allows the operators and managers to electronically view Bill of Materials(BOMs), drawings, test specifications, paint specifications, and more.
        • Tailored to the clients needs using their processes.
        • The supplier already gains a significant cost savings of six figures per year just from hourly time saved. 

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