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We believe that the best solutions get you where you need to be whether it's on the plant floor or the corner office. Making mouse movements matter. Fewer clicks leads to fewer delays.

Concierge Concepts

Our software modules are designed to be tailored for the best fit for our client’s budget and concerns.  We believe listening to our clients to provides the most proficient and profitable outcomes. Our clients know their businesses and are vested in the path to make things better, faster, more reliable. Using courteous collaboration, our client retention rate is over 20 years with our longest standing client and over all greater than 90%.  Our client base has developed significantly from positive word of mouth marketing. The integrity of our work speaks volumes

Industry 4.0 Integrators

Partnering with Tier 1 Suppliers and their supporting manufacturers, we continue to develop dozens of innovative solutions and API integrations. Providing RAD solutions improving processes, enhancing existing ERP environments with innovative tracking & reporting, and integrating Digital display boards, we have proven value-added results. We are also implementing services with through scanning and printing technologies with devices from hardware technology partners to create environmentally friend and time saving paperless initiatives.

Adaptable & Approachable

Our solutions anticipate change and are written to be adaptable for many environments. Flexible backend designs reduces time and costs. Solutions implemented with future sustainability in mind. These solutions are created by talented and approachable professionals, who build relationships not just solutions. While primarily in manufacturing, our solutions are also found financial, legal, charitable, and other service industries. We believe technology can always do more.

Credo's Competitive Advantage

Decades Of Collaborative Relationships With Our Manufacturing Clients And Technology Partners Developing Solutions And Trust. Credo Software Is A Value Added Advisor.
Bosch Anderson

Bosch Anderson

HRL Associates

“Credo Software has been an invaluable partner to our Bosch HR organization for many years. They are truly committed to supporting us in our endeavors to streamline our processes and become more efficient and effective. Our goals for a quality end product are mirrored in Credo’s working philosophy. Countless hours have been saved for our associates, thus yielding tremendous cost savings, because of their excellent development and support and we look forwarding to continuing our partnership for many more years.”

“We are now very much a part of the “Next Generation Workplace” with the help of Credo Software creating and implementing electronic systems. We implemented the new electronic system which took the place of all our hourly associate’s manual attendance cards. Associates now only add exceptions to the system and our payroll system uploads their hours worked electronically. All of the feedback was positive due to many factors that they could expand their view outside the two week period. This allows them to review not only one pay period but several electronically. With this new electronic system our supervisors were able to manage at a glance their associates absenteeism. Another improvement with this system was that I had eliminated 32 reports that were needed in the past bi-weekly. Our electronic systems also allows our payroll department to telecommute. I had a family emergency in a different state and was able to complete our payroll electronically without any discrepancies. Our electronic payroll system has open many doors that were once completed manually but now converted over to electronically. I look forward to the future with improvements to reduce our manual processes even further and to align it with our electronic world of business that we are now associated with.”

Rexroth Simpsonville

Rexroth Simpsonville


“Credo Software proves its capability on a daily basis here in our company. Since their introduction, we have been able to revolutionize several multi-departmental workflow processes by using highly customized databases to assign tasks and track performance. The ease of use, consistent reliability, and beautiful user interface of Credo programs, as well as the responsiveness of the Credo team, have impressed everyone involved in these projects since their conception. It has never been a problem to have suggestions for further improvement implemented into our Credo programs, and as a result, we are looking to bring additional applications into areas where a need has been identified. Credo representatives and programmers are not afraid to take on challenging projects, even those previously considered impossible, and the output has driven improvements on several fronts. The partnership between our companies has been critical to modernizing our manufacturing support functions. With continued cooperation, we expected to further enhance productivity across the organization. In fact, we are counting on it.”

“Credo has provided multiple software platforms that have worked both to support and to improve our existing workplace systems. They have provided real-time data solutions to improve overall work efficiency, replace obsolete worksheets, and provide a means of making quick, more accurate decisions in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. In addition, Credo has also provided service post-implementation support to address continuous improvement opportunities.”

*1st Place -Rexroth National Supply Chain Excellence Award 2017 In The Category "Digitalization of the Supply Chain/Connected Industry"

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Association

South Carolina Chapter

“Credo Software helped our organization to develop and maintain an efficient and effective donor database that we use to manage our donations and acknowledge our donors. Credo support has always been accessible and very easy to work with. We appreciate their professionalism and good work.”



VP of Operations

Credo Software has the unique ability to listen and understand the problem and develop solutions that are based on sound programming and a good understanding of how the process works. Great team to work with. Credo has taken a fledgling idea and, using their expertise, developed a unique scalable solution that has enabled us to deliver on time and grow 30% year over year. Their solution was simple to use, robust, and flexible. A job well done!

Anderson Interfaith Ministries

Anderson Interfaith Ministries

My experience working with Credo has been nothing but positive. The company has a the feeling of working with family but the results are that of working with a big company. The Credo team has worked with us side by side in building a website that can easily be navigated by our clients and also an integrated application format. They have never missed a deadline and their customer service is top notch. This makes working with a local company all the more meaningful. I would recommend Credo for any of your software needs!

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While not every task is a simple three click or less process, a well roadmapped design saves time and gathers information with minimal effort. Let us help integrate efficiency making mouse motions meaningful .

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The Credo Core Four

Creative, Family-Focused, & Community-Minded, Leading By Example And Connecting Industry Through Innovations, Talented Software Professionals Consistently Shaping Successful Outcomes For Our Clients.
Sarah Curnow

Sarah Curnow

Co-Founder & CEO
Kevin Curnow

Kevin Curnow

Co-Founder & CIO

Patrick Miller

Data Integration Specialist

Nathan Hawkins

Application Design Architect