Our name (KRā Dough)  pronounced a little different than (KrEE Dough) of a typical corporate vision…but it’s the creative differences that drives us to stand out.  Credo Corporation now doing business as Credo Software was founded in February 2001 out of a relationship with a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier who believed we could do more. Since then Building Value Added Relationships with Integrity has continued to be at the core of what we do.  

Our Vision: We believe we can enhance and impact the community around us by crafting creative technological solutions.

Who are We: Credo Software is a family of talented software professionals consistently creating successful outcomes for our customers through state of the art solutions for over 20 years.

What We Value:  We believe in integrating with excellence 

Our Concierge Business Model: 

 Coffee is more than a modern breakfast beverage Wars have been fought over it. Historians often attribute Coffeehouses of the 17th & 18th century for the advancement of ideas in the Age Of Enlightenment.  Our CAFE Model creates a unique avenue for building lasting and diverse relationships and advancing innovation: 

Custom Concierge Concepts. 

Our software modules are designed to be tailored for the best fit for our client’s budget and concerns.  We believe listening to our clients to provides the most proficient and profitable outcomes. Our clients know their businesses and are vested in the path to make things better, faster, more reliable. Using courteous collaboration, our client retention rate is over 20 years with our longest standing client and over all greater than 90%.  Our client base has developed significantly from positive word of mouth marketing. The integrity of our work speaks volumes.

Approachable and Adaptable. Because our people are approachable, our design process is scoped with the end user in mind.  However, our solutions anticipate change and are written to be adaptable for many environments. Flexible backend design reduces time and costs and implements with sustainability in mind. While primarily in manufacturing, our solutions are also found in financial, legal, charitable, and other service industries.


Before Industry 4.0 was a term, we were partnering with Tier 1 Suppliers and supporting manufacturers developing dozens of innovative solutions. Providing RAD solutions improving processes, enhancing existing ERP environments with innovative tracking & reporting, and integrating Digital display boards,we have proven value-added results. 

Now we are also implementing services with through scanning and printing technologies with devices from our technology partners. 

We have had corporate recognition as “1st Place Rexroth National Supply Chain Excellence Award 2017 In The Category: “Digitalization of the Supply Chain/Connected Industry” 

Credo Software was  recognized by the SCRA with an Industry 4.0 Demonstration grant in 2020.  Pre-Covid, we were asked to participate in their Industry 4.0 booth at the SC Manufacturing Conference.  We are industry proven Industry 4.0 integrators.

Engaging with the Community.  

We are a trusted partner for custom software and Industry 4.0 integration with a heart for the community.

Our Credo Cares Initiative has stepped up our efforts to do more in the community.  WE see the vision to create a legacy as an IMPACT corporation.  How are we doing that? Providing digital  innovation in Food insecurity Relief efforts as well as supporting several other upstate charitable organizations and community sports teams with time and resources. At Credo we believe where there is need we should strive to us technology to do more. This year in response to COVID, we have given back to our community.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

What are some difficulties your company is facing?  Let Credo help!

Credo Software

Data drives industry. For over 20 years, Credo Software has been a Value-added partner with Tier 1 automotive suppliers and other manufacturers providing Industry 4.0 Integration improving workflow. While primarily in manufacturing, our custom solutions are found in financial, legal, charitable, and other industries. Our team is motivated to enhance and impact the community around us using creative and innovative solutions.