For over two decades, Credo Software, a women owned tech company, has provided custom smart mobility solutions to our clients across North America, while giving back to local needs of our community. Credo Software is committed to developing tools that help our clients do what they do better.

Our Motto: Believe & Innovate. Trust is essential for innovation.

Our Mission: To grow as trusted advisors and value added implementers of custom collaborative solutions, and our clients’ first choice for continuous improvement collaborations.

Our Vision: Establishing trust while developing innovative solutions that improve the world around us.

Who are We:  We are concierge minded team of value-added professionals for Industry 4.0 Integration, Rapid Application Development, and Adaptive HR Solutions. Sometimes a client doesn’t know exactly what they want, until we give them what they need. Unlike out of the box solutions, we do not oversell bells and whistles which often saves clients even more money. We believe a good IoT solution keeps things simple.

What We Value:  We believe that all people are created in the image of God and should approach each other with respect no matter race, religion, culture, or background.  Also as image bearers, we are called to create and cultivate with kindness. Furthering this, adaptability and sustainability are at the core of our innovations. These collaborative solutions are crafted to improve outcomes for our clients.  As we learned at a young age, we strive to leave a place better than we found it.

What Do We Do:
With over 20 years of lasting collaborative relationships, Credo provides custom award winning solutions for continuous improvement and significant cost savings measures. While primarily in Tier 1 manufacturing, our custom smart solutions are now found in financial, legal, charitable, and other business ventures. Our team is motivated to impact the community around us through a marriage of creative and technical skills. Developing Value-Added Relationships with Integrity has continued to be at the core of what we do.

Credo Software

Data drives industry. For over 20 years, Credo Software has been a Value-added partner with Tier 1 automotive suppliers and other manufacturers providing Industry 4.0 Integration improving workflow. While primarily in manufacturing, our custom solutions are found in financial, legal, charitable, and other industries. Our team is motivated to enhance and impact the community around us using creative and innovative solutions.