Collaboration is key to great innovation.  By listening to manufacturing needs, Credo has created dozens of lean process solutions. During the 2022 SC Tech Talk, a logistics engineer shared a need which lead to the development of the Credo e-Kanban Toolkit.

The Kanban methodology is a well known process developed about eighty years ago by Taiichi Ohno, a Japanese engineer for Toyota. ┬áOhno’s philosophy of workplace management inspired much of lean manufacturing in the US. ┬áFollowing the Kanban methodology, processes are improved with real-time visualization and a commitment to continuous improvement. The Credo e-Kanban is a digital integration of this lean process.

Automating routes and replenishments, the Credo e-Kanban Toolkit creates opportunities for ownership at all levels.  Supervisors are able to create easy to use schedules.  Team members are able to visualize their progress as they work through routes with transitioning color-coded columns.  Management is able to clearly track the efficiency of routes and replenishments.

A well designed solution saves time and gathers information with minimal effort. Do you want to improve visibility and metrics? Add the Credo e-Kanban Toolkit to your lean process management.

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