Enterprise Zone Retraining Program is a great initiative through the technical colleges of South Carolina. Manufacturing, processing, and technology intensive companies located in South Carolina have the cost benefiting opportunity to receive a refund for “retraining” employees. One of the drawbacks is the paperwork to stay compliant. eeping track of eligible Work Instructions and Employees can be time consuming. Plus integrating existing training history to maintain current reimbursement balances may be difficult. Multiple Associates needed to cypher eligibility to prevent companies from missing out on the opportunity to save up to 66% in training costs.

To participate in the Enterprise Zone Retraining Program (E-Zone), qualified companies must register and follow the guidelines found at the SC Technical College System: https://www.sctechsystem.edu/business-and-industry/e-zone-program.html


  • EZ Training Tracking recognizes that companies invests significant resources into the training of their employees. 
  • The system gathers digital work instruction on training sessions, analyzes training for E-Zone Compliance, and generates forms and reports for reimbursements.
  • Management is able to track training of eligible employees up to the reimbursable amount.
  • The eligible employee information needed to complete compliance reports to the state is easily populated and automatically generated into necessary reports.
  • With system in use, up to $1000 per eligible employee per year potential for training that was already required for certifications and regulations within the state.*

Manufacturers don’t miss out on large cash reimbursements from the state of South Carolina! Register & participate SC E-Zone.  Using Credo’s EZ Training Tracking System makes it easy to comply state guidelines with automated documentation.

*Using EZ Training Tracking has enable reimbursements of over $120,000 at one facility in the Upstate for training that was already required for certifications and regulations within the state.

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