Dynamic Tool Is More Than A Trendy Advertising Gimmick 

By now most people have seen the little squares on posters, packaging, business cards, and billboards.  They’ve especially come in handy post-pandemic as a hands-free quick access to restaurant menus. Yuengling created the world’s largest QR code, 20 football fields long, to launch their charity campaign supporting veterans.Yuengling QR 

What are QR codes exactly?  QR code stands for quick response code. A QR code is a machine readable digital graphic made of of pixels that stores information.  Like a UPC code, the QR code is a bar coding system that recognizes the four standardized encoding modes.  However, the QR code has well over a thousand character storage capacity, well beyond the 12 characters of the UPC. The QR code also has the advantage of high speed scanning from any direction.

The two dimensional black and white QR code was originally developed by Denso for automotive parts in 1994 replacing the need for several UPC bar codes. The Denso Wave  A continuous improvement that has been revolutionary in logistics and supply chains. Now customizable with designs and colors, QR codes give access to more than data sheets.  With the advancement of smart phones, QR codes are a standard access point for websites, apps, wireless networks, and other integrative solutions. 

For manufacturing, QR code automation can be integrated not only in the full lifecycle of a  production process , but also in human resources, facility management, security and more.

Credo QR Code Automative Solutions

  • QR AUTOMATION FOR THE HR HOTLINE Originally designed as a simple employee call in for informing management of COVID related issues during the pandemic.  These issues are immediately displayed on an HR dashboard for easy tracking and reporting.  This tool has been expanded as a general call in processing.  Dynamic QR code integration allows for faster access and additional reporting.   To assist human resources with internal auditing and compliance, the tool also provides a portal for accident reporting and emergency management.  This tool can also be adapted help staffing agencies quickly report and replace staffing for clients.
  • QR AUTOMATION FOR FACILITY MANAGEMENT An QR code automation to assist facility management with a portal that allow team members to communicate service needs.  QR codes are posted throughout the plant at designated locations.  
  • QR AUTOMATION FOR LEAN PROCESSES There are many opportunities for api integration and automation using dynamic QR codes for continuous improvement. Partnering with hardware and logistics companies, Credo Software assists clients with the integration of Scanning, QR code, RFID, and Barcoding Technologies. Credo has recently released an e-Kanban solution which improves how part, nuts and bolts, etc are gathered before production. Traditional UPC bar codes are replaced with QR codes for easier automation of routes and replenishment needs and streamlines tracking for management.    

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