Since the pandemic, increasing absenteeism has caused challenges for companies. In 2020, Credo developed a solution for real time communication of Covid related information for a manufacturing client. The HR Hotline was adapted from that solution to do so much more.

Every week, employees call out last minute. This might be due to illness, transportation issues, bereavement, or a forgotten jury duty. Communicating the absence is often a problem. Missed calls, floating paper trails, and random excel spreadsheets can leave gaps in notification needs.

HR Hotline. Innovation For Call Out Management and more.

The HR Hotline revolutionizes absenteeism management with real time communication. Simplifies Call Outs. Gives Employees Peace of mind. Notifies Supervisors in Real Time. Provides Offsite Access Reporting. And Maintains Absentee Records. Upgradeable for Accident Reporting, Vacation Requests, and other HR reporting needs. Sign up to schedule a demo with one of our technical reps!

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