5.1 Commitment to Continuous Improvement

CREDO pledges to continue to work on improving smart solutions that help our company and our clients work more efficiently and exceed expectations.

CREDO also pledges to uphold and promote quality measures that reduce waste.

5.2 Commitment to Protecting the Environment

CREDO commits to protecting our environment for future generations by being a good steward of our environment and working to raise awareness.

CREDO commits to reducing our carbon footprint by allowing employees to continue working remotely and at client facilities.

  • This precludes the need for an unnecessary brick and mortar.
  • This reduces employee carbon emissions driving to work everyday.
  • When and if Credo decides to set up a physical site, Credo is committed to planning a climate friendly facility.

CREDO commits to ensuring proper disposal and recycling of:

  • Shredded paper, plastic containers, and packaging
  • Old printers, computers, phones, and other electronic devices and their corresponding wires and connections.

5.3 Commitment to Compliance Obligations and Regulations.

CREDO commits to being vigilant at client sites to observe their environmental and safety policies and protocols.

CREDO commits to taking corrective action if employees fail to follow client requirements.

Credo Software

Data drives industry. For over 20 years, Credo Software has been a Value-added partner with Tier 1 automotive suppliers and other manufacturers providing Industry 4.0 Integration improving workflow. While primarily in manufacturing, our custom solutions are found in financial, legal, charitable, and other industries. Our team is motivated to enhance and impact the community around us using creative and innovative solutions.


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